Prevent and Manage Low Back Pain

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Spinal Dysfunction

  • Spinal Module

    Spinal pain can be both persistent and debilitating.  As far as the motto goes: "don't take back pain lying down" goes, well, it could not ben more accurate!

  • Module goal

    This module will help with spinal mobility and strength. User friendly tips, tricks and exercises to help treat and PREVENT pain and stiffness!

  • Module result

    From your neck to your tail bone, we have to try and get the best spinal function possible to optimize posture and whatever life throws our way

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Spinal Pain and Stiffness

    • How can we keep your spine healthy?

  • 2

    Low Back Pain Stretches

    • Spinal Stretch Sequence

  • 3

    Neck Pain Management

    • Neck Stiffness Routine

Spinal Module

  • Reduce Low Back Pain

  • Improve Spinal mobility

  • Develop easy healthy spinal habits to use daily

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