10 Minute Pilates RE-SET

This quick and easy Pilates Re-Set is designed to be a "glitch in your matrix" of sedentary life and poor posture habits. 

Pilates Quick Re-set

Why include this in you day?

  • Your spine and body in general love frequent short bursts of movement

  • This is a quick and easy way to "iron out stiffness" from sitting

  • This is a beginner level movement pattern so anyone can try it and benefit

Re-set Guide

  • How often

    It can be done several times a day if you are dedicated and helps re-set the mind and body. The more you do this sequence, the quicker the body will adapt and align.

  • How does it work

    By doing this repetition, you will "floss the neuro-muscular pathways"...this basically means your body learns these movement patterns and starts to hold onto them!

  • Outcome

    You can expect to feel limber and RE-SET after this little number. You may feel less stiffness in your back, hips and shoulders due to the joint and muscular activation pattern!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Pilates RE-SET 10min program

    • 13 minute Pilates flow: Short, sharp and effective!

    • Pilates @ Home 12min flow Sequence